Healthy WHOLE Bodies!

Penis and vagina are not dirty words.  They are not obscene words.  They are not words that should not be spoken in the halls of legislature, particularly when a discussion of reproductive health is going on!  They are words that need to be spoken, they are words that should be spoken.  They are needed for the education of our children, and, unfortunately for the education of some adults.

These past weeks have been filled with discussions of how our government cannot seem to have a discussion about women’s reproductive health partly because speaking the word vagina in the legislature is considered obscene.  Personally, I think this stems from a lack of education about sexuality in our nation as a whole.  We don’t even discuss these parts of the human body until junior or senior year in high school in many states.  We are leaving children uneducated, and turning out adults who are unable to talk to their children about their vaginas and penises and unable to have healthy sexual relationships in some cases.

Everyone needs to know about vaginas and penises.  There is nothing wrong with talking about vaginas and penises.  They are human body parts.  Parents need to teach their children how to take care of their bodies and this includes vaginas and penises.  They need to know how to keep things clean, how they might be used, how not to use them, when and where to use them.  Its OK.  It isn’t going to sully them for life.  It might even be a way to protect them from trauma in life.  If they know the truth, the whole truth, perhaps we can stop the cycle of shame that surrounds penises and vaginas and sexuality in general.


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