This post was inspired by a recent conversation with friends.  We were discussion how we have become masters of stretching each and every penny.  Some of us are single, some of us are in relationships, some of us have kids, but we all have that one thing in common, we have to budget, budget and then budget some more, and even then there are often months when ends just don’t meet, and something goes without being paid, or someone goes without something they need.

Statistics show that the dis-abled are more likely to be unemployed, or under-employed.  And when you take into account that many people who are dis-abled are uninsured or under insured with far more health costs than many people, this puts us into an even greater bind.  I know a good many people who remain unemployed or underemployed simply so they may qualify for state health programs (medicaid) so that they can get what they need health-wise, while generally going without or with less on other necessities such as food, shelter, heat, etc.

We need to replace the systems we have in this country.  We need to make sure that people have the necessities they need.  People should have a right to healthcare, shelter, food, education,  all of the necessities in life.  People should not have to choose between medication they need, and being able to eat for the month.  People should not have to choose between what NECESSITY they will have and what NECESSITY they will go without.  And so many of us who are dis-abled are doing just this.  And we get excited when we get an extra $20.

Savings is unheard of, at least in my circle.  Its just not even an option.  and the most insulting part of this whole thing is that people just don’t get it.  “Well if you just did A, B or C you would be able to have a savings (or make ends meet, or not be struggling.).”  There is always something “they” think  “we” should be doing to be better off.  When if they lived our reality for a month, perhaps they would realize what we go through all the time.


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