Silent No More

***TRIGGER WARNING*** (discusses abuse in institutional settings, and mild cursing)

This post was inspired by this article

This is disgusting, and the sad thing is people out there probably would say “oh those kind of places don’t exist anymore” the sad thing is THEY DO. Places where people with dis-abilities, developmental, mental, physical, are not treated as human beings, but rather cattle, beings to be moved from one thing to another, “entertained” so that they don’t make trouble. And if they do make trouble they are locked away in the “safe” room. Or shocked. Or denied “privileges”.

Go to sleep at a specific time, get up at a specific time, take your meds, sit and do a craft that even a 5 yo would be insulted by. Maybe watch a little tv, but not something that you would like to watch, something the staff wants to see. And if you all “behave” then maybe you get a special treat.

THEY EXIST, they are supposed to enrich the lives of the people who they “take care of” but they don’t. They just move them through like cattle. And sometimes when one of the people has a health issue, they can refuse to call 911 because the person, might be making it up to “get attention”. There is so much bullshit involved in the institutionalization system in this country, and so many people have NO IDEA! NO IDEA that any of this is going on, because they can’t be bothered to look. They don’t want to look. They want to see happy people doing crafts and taking walks on perfect green lawns. They don’t want to see “safe” rooms where people are locked up 24 hours a day alone, they don’t want to see children being shocked because they didn’t behave, they don’t want to see a man die because the last several times he had been to the emergency room it was diagnosed as a panic attack, and so they didn’t call 911 for him when he asked them to because he was feeling ill, and HE DIED, HE DIED, HE DIED! (

These places exist and they need to be put out of our misery. Because we are people, HUMAN BEINGS, and we all deserve better, we all want fulfilling lives. Maybe we can’t work a job 9-5, but we don’t deserve to be oppressed, abused, neglected, or murdered because of our dis-ability.


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